What this is all about...
I started this type of photography adventure in 2015. I sold a Gibson Les Paul to buy a Canon SL 1 with a couple of lenses and a bag.  In that beginning I shot mostly birds, then scenery, now people.
Since that time, I've shot my best friends wedding, was asked to shoot my favorite bands show, was hired to shoot a 3 day event and so forth. 
But in the end I aim to do portrait work. Some of my favorite work is taking concepts and bring it to life. Often subjects covering emotional trauma, tragedy, personal life struggles someone or myself have dealt with for years and shoot.
On the other side of this coin, when I'm not capturing concepts, I am instead trying to capture who someone is and bring it out in the portrait. In these areas I feel my art work shine the most.
When it comes to editing my photos, well in truth I take photos so I can edit. The process begins the moment the photo is taken.  Back in the day of analog editing even began once you chose the type of film you wanted to use.  Editing helps give the photo a voice, depth, and is like signature to a painting.
Having lived in Southern California, especially Orange County, most of my life, I've gotten use to everyone selling the "perfect image" as possible. I believe this is my inspiration to instead make people look more natural in photos.

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