This all began for me in 2015, most of my life I was trying to be a rockstar and spend my life touring the world. However, at some point you have to see that it isn't working out. So I sold some of my gear and bought a small DSLR from Canon, some lenses, and carrying bag and just started shooting like crazy.
Since those early days I've been able to shoot my best friends wedding, hired by my favorite band to shoot their shows twice, got hired by an international gaming expo to cover their 3 day events, and shot with some reality tv starts for their personal portfolio. 
However, I aimed to do portrait work the most. Some of the models I've worked with will have some emotional stress they want to release artistically and we work together closely to bring out those ideas. These kinds of concepts help me focus on the person in the shoot and bring it all out in editing, allowing art and personality to shine.
I always say I am an editor first, a photographer second. Every shoot is with the end game in mind, never falling for "We'll fix it in photoshop" but have the mentality "we're going to enhance it even more". 
A lot of my inspiration comes with growing up in Orange County, living in Irvine from it's early days of being a town in the middle of farms, to the high end socialite city it started to become when I left.  Here, I saw people spend their time pretending to be what they're not, so I got inspired to always be your weird self instead.

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